Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Do you exist?

Ever had the feeling you are standing alone on the edge of a ravine? You can put your hands up to your mouth and call... "Are you out there?"  and after a few moments the ecco comes back ... "are you out there?... are you out there? ... are you out there?..... are you out there?" Getting more feint and distant with every return... This is exactly the way I feel  when I am looking at investors (angel or otherwise).
In  fourteen years of running my own business, I have yet to succeed to convince an investor that my business is a  risk worth taking on...
At first I thought..." the business is too young it wil get better when you are more established"... and I struggled and survived a year... then two... then three... now fourteen and still  I am that lonely person standing at the side of the ravine... calling!!!
After a while I started to feel  the problem was personal: I am too female in an agricultural business... Agriculture is a male driven business. I am too white... in a country where they are trying to uplift the previously disadvantage... I live in the wrong country... people are scared of Africa  or South Africa is not a country where the world feel that entrepeneurs really needs help.... but you know what?... this is not my fault.... I have slowly come to realise that the so called investors (angel or other) out there on the internet or business papers.... they do not really exist.
In my humble opinion they are more fairies than angels... just so much immagination!!
The main reason I am starting this blog is so that other entrepeneurs, like me, would know that they are not the only person standing at the edge of the world calling... no... if you care to look around and listen to the ecco you will see that there are a lot of others... and the voice coming back empty to you might be someone else's... the call is just the same.
It might be that no one else even read this... but for me it is a way of getting rid of this growing frustration  that is fed by feeling alone in the business world...
So, I will blog about  my frustrations... if you do stumble on to this and care to make a comment ... I would really like to hear from you... that way I can really find out if I am alone on the edge of the ravine..
Have a blessed day... hope to hear from you soon.


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