Friday, 30 September 2011

The e-mail arrived...

I opened the g-mail account and there, in between all kinds of spam and strange e-mails was an e-mail that made my heart go faster... Maybe the angel has come to call.
I quickly scanned it and then read it through slowly. I did a search on the name and the company and at this stage the excitement is filling my heart. This could be legitimate... oh, how I hope...
I am not  much good at quotes but I can get exited enough to quote with the best of them... was it Shakespeare that said ... "hope springs eternally in the heart of man" if not him, I apologize to the  writer for laying his words in Shakespeare's mouth. But whoever said it, certainly knew what he was talking about. The moment I thought all hope has gone from my heart and mind, I open an e-mail and voila!!! the hope is alive and well and living in my heart!!!!
I hope you are my angel, dear kind Sir, but even if you are not... thank you for making me feel optimistic again.
You have made my day!
And for your reading my scribbles... thank you and may you be blessed today and may hope live in your heart as well...

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I wonder why when I told myself a hundred if not a thousand times I am writing this to get rid of my frustrations do I get so excited when somebody actually commented on my blog???
Well just so that you know... you have made my day!!  Can you believe it.. somebody actually read my mumbles and jumbles!!
My search for a business angel continues... I have found the farm I actually want to buy so now I have renewed enthusiasm for my search... And now I am starting to prepare for another deluge of scammers knocking on my e-mail door.
Still can anybody describe the excitement of opening an e-mail for such a prospect ... and the irritation and disappointment when it is in fact just another scam. I remain however optimistic that one of these days I will open the mail and miracle against all previous thoughts there he will be... My Angel... and his wings will be made out of money and his mind will be open for agriculture.... I am looking forward to meeting him!!
See you soon angel of mine...

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Angel.. you scammer... shame on you

So here we go again on  the rollercoaster ride of trying to get funding... Would you believe if I tell you that after all the warnings and dire reports, there are still a lot of apparent entrepreneurs asking for upfront fees?
In the three weeks I have done intensive searching, I have had offers from such a lot of people all asking for upfront fees...
I look at my business plan, on which I have spend hours and hours and I wonder.. is there anything in there to make people think that I am not serious about it? What could I have written in this document to make them think I am stupid enough to pay anything from $7000,00 to $ 20 000,00 before I even have a form from them?
Do they think sending a letter with big money written somewhere in it, will be enough to entice me to fork out money?
Beware!! since I had started  my business years ago ( and first encountered one of them) ... they have also developed into a very well oiled business.
The papers and the letters are so much more "professional".  They obviously have also  developed their business and streamlined it. However no matter how well developed they are, all they are and will ever be are scammers. Stealing your money... if you are gullible enough to pay them... Sad to say that  one can almost get so desperate that on will fall for anything, just in the hope of getting your plans on the way.
Do not fall for them... persevere.. You have to believe as I do that there is still good and honest people out there...
I hope so...