Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The dance begins...

While writing my previous blog, I got the inspiration to go about looking for an investor in a different way...
I had immediately after posting this last blog started to look for an investor whom might possibly be interested in investing in an Agricultural business.

I did some work on my business plan and honestly though it is not quite to my liking yet... I have started to sent out some query e-mails and I have received the most beautiful and friendly answers back... Not one yet positive, but so encouraging. So I have taken a few days of from my blogging to refine my business plan and really think through all the options and plans. I would not like to be in a position of eventually getting an interested party and then through negligence on my side I am making a booboo.
This off course can easily happen as going into a new side of my business I can make mistakes and although I am a firm believe in the fact that as long as something can be done to correct a problem it is not yet a mistake.. It is only when arrogance and stupidity makes you ignore a problem that it becomes a mistake of note.

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