Friday, 22 July 2011

Could it be...?

Could it be that the business angels out there in the world are only interested in certain types of business'?
The type that really does not need the money? The type who already has such a credit history to show that they do indeed exist?
So here I am... business is steadily growing but could be three, if not thirty times bigger, than it is at the moment. This is what frustrates me so much! How can I convince an investor of any kind, of the viability of my business, if they are not even interested in asking about it...?
Off course, this is not a business in technology... or electronics or real estate. Although, if I am honest... I would like to buy a farm... to pack my own fruit, in my own brand and to also export that. Maybe my problem is that I am not dreaming big enough? Should I go look for a fruit farm and buy that? Will my chances of getting finance increase if I do that?  Is this the way that my business should grow... have I been blindly looking in one direction, when there might be a  solution in a completely different  direction.
Might it be that by accident I have stumbled on to another option in my quest find a business angel? I will definitely look into this ... no later than today.
My mind is now racing at a hundred miles per hour... but with this new idea, new doubts are already forming in my mind. The thought of going through everything just to be disappointed, when no one is interested makes my heart heavy.
Do people and more specifically investors out there, in their sphere realize that no inventions can be made if there is no food? So farming is not the flashiest of flashy business, but it is the cornerstone on which  the world is build. People can not eat electronic chips.. they need the potato variety to survive.
Could it be that there is someone out there with a little bit of a sense of adventure? I will let you know...

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